Santa baby, we’ve been awfully good this year! Forget diamonds Alex and Ani are a girls best friend.

Santa baby, we’ve been awfully good this year! Give the gift of positive energy this Christmas, with Alex and Ani jewellery. The brand launched at Arnotts Jewellery Hall last night. The fashion set, including Brendan Courtney and Darren Kennedy paid homage to the new kid on the block!

Alex and Ani Offers Eco-Friendly, Positive Energy Infused Products That Adorn The Body, Enlighten The Mind, And Empower The Spirit, Designed By Carolyn Rafaelian And Made In America. Express your individuality and the inner “you” while stacking up the gorgeous bangles of Alex and Ani. Inspired by ancient wisdom – and, specifically, French philosopher Henri Bergson’s theory of vital force – their many designs incorporate multicultural energy symbols to help empower the wearer. Moreover each piece has been crafted from recycled materials sourced from local mills, in turn supporting the environment as well as the local community.

Another cornerstone of Alex and Ani is a signature design feature; an innovative, patented sliding mechanism that replaces the traditional clasp, making each bracelet entirely adjustable, a perfect one-size-fits-all gift.

From stacks of Russian Gold bangles to Russian silver charms, Alex and Ani’s designs have been – tagline alert – ‘Made With Love In America’ by Carolyn Rafaelian. A third-generation jeweller Rafaelian founded the company in 2004, naming it after her first two daughters. And keeping it in the family is Carolyn’s niece Rachel, who is head designer of their retro-chic Vintage 66 line.

Alex and Ani was unveiled at the Jewellery Hall launch, joining Arnotts ever-expanding portfolio.

Alex & Ani is exclusive in Arnotts with prices starting from €26.


Hunter Trends – Timeless Style


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Late Life Creativity reminds us that there are positive cognitive changes with ageing – wisdom, strategic thinking, reasoning.

We see each of these three elements in the Late Life Creatives shown below, who show plenty of wisdom, strategic thinking and reasoning through their style and presence! Each year brings about change in fashion with new hipsters and trends always on the horizon waiting to take centre stage. It is easy to forget in todays society, that the older generation were the original trend-setters!

It is not so easy to forget the mark which they have left on the fashion industry, with trends and styles always being recycled. It may be that you are too young to remember such styles being in fashion or it might be that you have tried to forget such styles and move on to the next to stay ‘hip’. It is always important to remember your roots and take inspiration from the Late Life Creatives as one day it will be you passing the torch…

“Coco Chanel once said that what makes a woman look old is trying desperately to look young. Why should one be ashamed to be 84? Why do you have to say that you’re 52? Nobody’s going to believe you anyway, so why be such a fool? It’s nice that you got to be so old. It’s a blessing.”

Hunter Trends: Dressing for success…


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Dress for success is probably one of the most over-used phrases in job hunting, yet it is probably the most underutilised by job seekers… Remember first impressions mean everything, so dressing the part is as essential as your CV!

It is important to dress for the type of job you are seeking, thus matching your attire to the organisation you are interviewing with, however don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on things! It is important to let your character shine through in your ensemble, this will not go unnoticed with your potential employer…

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make, when dressing for an interview, is that they stick to formal wear, suits, shirts, skirts, slacks… While this may be perfect attire for some potential employers, it may not be for others. If you intend to apply for a placement where your place of work is a little more ‘colorful’ don’t be afraid to show your true colours in your interview, through your choice of clothing… An individual sense of style always stands out.

Check out these staples we have put together to help you on your way to success!

Hunter Trends: RED DOG


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Our client, RED DOG / THE STORE, are taking part in this years pregnancy and baby fair which takes place in the RDS this coming weekend from 10 – 6pm. As a treat to all of their loyal customers, RED DOG are kindly offering not one, not two, but TEN free pairs of tickets. To find out how you could be in with a chance of winning, head over to their Facebook by clicking here.

RED DOG/THE STORE are also one of the design contributors to this years Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week. To celebrate sustainability of fashion in Ireland, all through-out the month of April, shoppers can grab the rare opportunity of popping into the Nomadic Better fashion Shop, where you can check out the one-of-a-kind RED DOG designs, which are generally unique to their website! All of their products are limited edition, hand made and developed with amazing attention to detail.

To find more information on some of the limited edition designs sold from RED DOG / THE STORE, check out their website and online store by clicking here.

Hunter Trends: Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week


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Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week is the brainchild of Re-dress, the Better Fashion Initiative. Set up in 2008 by Rosie O’Reilly, Kate Nolan and Kellie Dalton re-dress is a not to profit organisation  which works to promote and develop sustainable fashion practices within the fashion industry in Ireland.  Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week is re-dress’ annual public awareness event which includes exhibitions, talks, workshops, conferences and more.

Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week will take place at No. 6 Castle Market Street, D.2 from the 25th – 29th April. This will highlight the issue of sustainable fashion through a series of pop-up shops, exhibitions, installations, events & industry talks with fashion heavy weights like Artist/Designer Helen Steele, and ethical fashion writers Lucy Seigle and Dr. Kate Fletcher also taking part.

Dublin city-centre will see some of the most creative minds in the Irish industry join forces with top international fashion talent to give us a once off and unique insight into the artistry of cutting-edge fashion. No. 6 Castle Market Street will host a selection of Irish designers giving ethical Irish fashionistas the chance to pick up a range of beautiful Irish designs & fashion all under one roof.

to celebrate Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week – Brown Suga will be offering one of their lucky Facebook followers and a friend the opportunity to win complimentary hair and make up in the Better Fashion Shop, No. 6 Castlemarket street, each week! For details of how you can enter the competition, head over to the Brown Sugar Facebook here.

Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week – April 23rd – 29th. 

The Line Up:

Lucy Siegle – The Observer’s magazine & Author of To Die For – Is Fashion Wearing out the World?

Better Fashion Industry Symposium with the Sunday Independent’s Constance Harris

Fashion Mentoring with a stellar line up of the best of the Irish fashion Industry

Future Textile discussions with UCD Smart Lab

An evening with Dr. Kate Fletcher; Author of Sustainable Fashion and Textiles; design stories

Local Wisdom Photoshoot with Dr. Kate Fletcher

Live Hair instillations from your’s truly, Brown Sugar

Irish Premier of Bill Cunnighan’s New York by Richard Press – The amazing life of legendary street photographer Bill Cunningham.

The Art of Fashion with HELEN STEELE

Irish Premier of Bitter Seeds – the true story of cotton – by Micha Peled followed by panel discussion with the Irish Clean Clothes Campaign

RTE’s HANDS (Textile Focus) in collaboration with the IRISH DESIGN SHOP

……. and much more

Hunter Trends: Changing the face of ageing


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Here at Hunter HQ, we are committed to bridging the digital divide with older people to promote and help their desire and ability to continue to live an active, independent and engaged life!

Studies have shown that through participating in SocialCultural and Leisure Activities, older people remain healthy and active members of society, capable of making an ongoing contribution to the life of communities.

We are calling on anyone with access to the web with any sort of computer knowledge, to share and support their knowledge with older people. Access to and competency with the internet is often assumed, whereas older people often have no such access!

Help us, help you bridge the gap between the digital divide in Ireland, by visiting the following programmes which aim to develop greater intergenerational solidarity where both older people and younger people benefit.

 Late life creativity at its fullest!!

Brown Sugar Sunday Times Style Event


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Last night, our client Brown Sugar had the pleasure of hosting the Brown Sugar Sunday Times Style Event, in their sister salon, Brown Sugar Blackrock…

Guests were treated to prosecco on entry before being pampered with free hair and make-up. Colour consultations where also available at the event with Senior colorists on hand to lend their advice on some of Spring/Summers hottest trends and to inform the guests of the best treatments available for their hair type.

To ensure the guests left feeling refuelled, revitalized and refreshed, a selection of canapés and drinks where served throughout the evening. Goodie bags where also provided at the end of the event, with items such as Kérastase Treatments/Shampoos and Conditioners, Kohl make-up and Brown Sugar discount cards to take home…

We hope the guests enjoyed their evening as much as Brown Sugar and us Hunters did.

scroll through our gallery of images from last nights event.

Late Life Creativity – wisdom, strategic thinking and reasoning!

We are all about celebrating the future hipsters and here are a few of our favourites…

It’s all about developing solidarity between young and old. Late Life Creativity reminds us that there are positive changes with ageing – wisdom, strategic thinking and reasoning. Check out some of these inspirations that prove that age is only a number!

Iris Apfel at 90 – more famous than she was at 83

Our favourites The Aquadettes:

National Dairy Council – Bring on the Pros!


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The National Dairy Council teamed up with Irish Sports heroes, Derval O’Rourke and Rob Kearney for the Milk It For All It’s Worth competition, ‘Bring on the Pros’. The competition offered winners, Clonmel Athletics Club and Portarlington Ladies Rugby Club, the once-in-a-lifetime chance to win a training session with Irish professional hurdler Derval O’Rourke and professional rugby player Rob Kearney.

The Morton stadium and the Old Belvedere Rugby Club played hosts to both training days. The competition winners, the Clonmel Athletics Club and the Portarlington Ladies Rugby Club were  amazing winners and made the day a very special experience for all involved…

Rather than let us tell you about the training days, see for yourself, some of the spectacular images we got from each day!

Bring on the Pros – Training Day with Derval O’Rourke!


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Hunter’s are thoroughly looking forward to the National Dairy Council ‘Bring on the Pros’ training day with Irish sprint hurdles athlete, Derval O’Rourke and Milk It winners the Clonmel Athletics Club, taking place in the Morton Stadium, Santry tomorrow!! Check out Colm McCarthy’s outstanding entry which secured the win with Derval for his club!

“My mum is our coach at the clonmel athletic club and she really needs a break. As well as having a full time job she always turns up for our training sessions twice a week and most sunday’s travels to competitions. One thing I love about her is she always tries to make training fun and gives it her all at each session. She has done coaching courses but says she is not confident enough to do hurdles so it would be great to have Derval to show us.”

We hope Colms coach and Mom enjoys a well deserved day off by letting Derval step into her shoe’s! It couldn’t have come at a better time, with Mother’s Day just around the corner!